About Us

Hi, I’m Katelyn, a mom-prenuer and podcaster, running 2 Gulls and a Buoy, LLC and my podcast, More Than a Merchant Mariner's Wife  (find me on Apple Podcast and Spotify etc.) while raising my twin girls and their older brother as well as spending time with my Merchant Mariner hubby.  My hope is to offer products that will provide you or your loved ones with a moment of peace, mindfulness and centering while going about the day giving to others. You are not alone here.  When I'm not spending time on the water in our beautiful coastal town of Rockport, MA, you can find me on the regular throwing dance parties, having ice cream for dinner on a random Tuesday and building Nugget forts in the living room. Whether you’re here as a mom, a friend, a family member, welcome! I’m so glad you’re here.  Please take a look around and reach out if you have any ideas of products or offerings you’d like to see or if you’d just like to connect.  I would love to hear from you!